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    Greetings to all you cat lovers out there! Thank you for visiting our website, our aim is to provide you with helpful guides, advice, reviews and comparisons on the best cat furniture out there. As cat lovers we would want to make sure our cats can enjoy their furniture for comfort and entertainment as we know cats have feelings too.

    It’s important that you do provide sufficient furniture for your cat or cats. If a cat gets bored due to either being neglected or not having anything to do then the cat can start showing negative behaviour including being destructive.

    Aside from the cat furniture and products we review, there are also basic equipment which you should already be aware of that you’ll need. These equipment are pretty much necessities such as: Cat collars, bowls, grooming equipment, etc. We’ve chosen not to review such basic equipment as we feel the purpose of these items are pretty much self-explanatory.


    Best Cat Furniture Reviews

    A lot of products for cats can be purchased with little or no help, but we feel some cat owners may find a little bit of assistance can be useful for certain products which we’ve chosen to provide guides, advice, reviews and comparisons on.

    Of course if you’re looking to buy a present or gift for someone who owns a cat but you don’t know much yourself then hopefully the information we provide would be of great use to you.

    You will find that most of the cat furniture or cat products have a purpose and once we explain the purpose of what each product does, you’ll realise how important it is to have it. We’ll summarise what each product does below:

    Microchip cat flapsMicrochip cat flap cat

    Keep unwanted intruders out of your home. In order for the microchip cat flap to work, your cat must be microchipped so the cat flap can identify your cat. Being able to track your cat if they disappear gives you a piece of mind as you know you can let your cat outdoors with the risk of your cat going completely missing is minimised.

    Most of the microchips installed in the cats are compatible with most microchip cat flaps and multi cats can be registered to one cat flap. Of course the cat flap will only let in the cats you’ve programmed it to remember and grant access to your home. Check out our top 5 best microchip cat flaps.


    Cat flaps

    Give your cat more freedom by installing a cat flap that’ll allow them to have easy access to the outside world without the aid of someone having to let the cat out. Having a cat flap will allow your cat to exercise, explore, get fresh air and have more freedom. Check out our top 10 cat flaps.

    Whilst the majority of cat owners would let their cats outside, some may be a bit sceptical about letting their cat out due to the risks involved. If the area is safe and it’s just your scepticism that’s giving you doubt then you should reconsider as allowing a cat outdoor access has many benefits too.


    Cat houses & kennels

    Usually an outdoor cat house or cat kennel won’t be applicable to your cat if you own an indoor cat. However if your Kerbl Cat House Lodgecat does go outdoors and generally likes being in the outside environment then buying a cat house or kennel for them will give them shelter and keep them warm outdoors.

    The selection ranges from basic DIY cat houses to large complex ones, the features and materials can be different from one another as well.  To assist you in picking the right one check out our guide to the best cat houses & kennels.


    Kerbl metal frame houseIndoor cat houses

    You may also want to give your cat the option of having an indoor cat house, especially if you own an indoor cat.  Even if you own a cat that regularly enjoys life outside, having an indoor cat house comes in many different design options, shapes and sizes enough to keep your cat on his paws.


    Cat trees & towers

    One of the most useful and best cat furniture pieces you can buy are cat towers also known as cat trees, as it satisfies several needs of a cat.  Cats love to jump up on furniture and climb things soLolipet Cat Tree a cat tree will offer several platforms on different levels for your cat so he can watch over his environment.

    There is usually at least one cave for your cat to hide out in as well and pretty much all cat trees will come equipped with a scratching post which may eliminate the need for you to buy a separate one. Check out our top 10 best cat trees & towers.


    Trixie Parla Scratching Post 2Cat scratching posts

    Give your cat something to scratch otherwise your furniture will probably get scratched! A tall stable scratching post should be enough to take your cats attention away from your furniture. Check out our top 10 best cat scratching posts.

    A cat scratching post is a necessary piece of cat furniture as scratching is part of a cat’s natural behaviour. 


    Cat water fountains

    One way to ensure your cat has access to clean oxygenated drinking water without having to constantly change their bowl of drinking water is to buy a cat water fountain.  This is powered by the mains and only requires you to change or fill up the water on a daily basis.

    The filter which has to be changed monthly prevents hair, dust and debris from entering the water.  Don’t let your cat fall victim to drinking dirty or unsafe water and invest in your cat’s health.


    Automatic cat feeders

    As much as we love our cat, unfortunately we can’t always be there for them due to our busy lifestyles.  However rather than paying for a pet sitter, a good solution would be to buy an automatic cat feeder which does exactly what is says on the tin!

    Basically you set the time you want the feeder to open and give access for your cat to their food.  This is a good short term solution, if you’re going to be away for longer than a few days, you probably shouldn’t neglect your cat for that long.


    Cat carriers

    You should never consider travelling with your cat in the car if they’re not secure inside a cat carrier, this is very AmazonBasics Two-Door Pet Kennel 2dangerous and can obstruct or disturb the driver. Whether you’re making a trip to the vets, moving house or going anywhere else you should always keep your cat secured in a cat carrier.

    Our top 10 best cat carriers table will also give you guidance on how to choose the most suitable cat carrier and tips on how to get your cat inside the “dreaded” carrier.


    Radiator Cat BedCat beds

    Cats also love to have their own spot for sleeping and in this case it’ll be a cat bed. Although cats can choose anywhere they feel comfortable sleeping but giving them the option to sleep in their own soft and warm bed will keep them happy.

    On average cats sleep between 12-16 hours a day therefore having a cosy place to sleep is essential for them. If they choose to sleep in their own bed then it’s also handy as it keeps their cat hair on their bed rather than elsewhere. Check out our top 10 best cat beds.



    Insurance For Your Cat

    A factor which often gets overlooked is whether to take out insurance for your cat or not and if it doesn’t get overlooked it’s usually a question you may repeat in your head.  If you don’t have insurance for your cat, don’t assume you’ve done something wrong as insurance may not always be necessary.  Check out our cat insurance guide which will give you more information on whether you need it, what it covers and the different level of cover.

    The cost of insuring your cat will vary as insurers calculate this based on various factors including the breed of your cat, the area you live in and the type of cover required.  To get a rough idea to see whether it’s affordable you can do a quick comparison without having to take out an insurance policy straight away.

    Although comparison sites are quick and easy and saves you time, not all insurers will appear on comparison sites as some prefer not to be on there.  This unfortunately means you’ll have to do a separate quote on that insurer’s website or by calling them up to see how much they charge.  There are some reputable insurers such as Petplan and John Lewis who choose not to appear on comparison sites, so it’s important you conduct a thorough check if you want to ensure you exploit all your options.


    Cat Breeds

    The breed of your cat can have a factor on which cat furniture you decide to buy for your cat. You should learn about the behaviour and personality of your cat based on what breed they are, see the different types of cat breeds.

    Your cat’s breed might be a factor in which cat furniture you buy is because if your cat’s health is below average and they are quite vulnerable and you may not want to let them out the house as much therefore an outdoor cat house might not be as necessary and vice versa.