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    The Go Compare cat insurance comparison site is a platform that allows you to obtain quotes from a panel of Go Compare Logoinsurers.  Go Compare is not an insurance company or broker, they offer one of the most comprehensive insurance comparison services in the UK.

    Their platform allows you to compare products and services offered by insurance companies based on the information you input into their easy to use system.  The service is completely free and Go Compare does not increase the price or add a fee to the premium, they make their money by charging the insurers a small fee if they manage to successfully introduce a new customer to the insurer.

    Go Compare do not favour any particular brands or companies, as they like to offer an unbiased and transparent service.  They do not accept any advertising or sponsored listings, so this allows them to remain impartial.  This is great news for the consumers as it allows them to find the best deals available to them on the website.


    Find The Best Cat Insurance Deals On Go Compare


    Panel Of Insurers

    A wide range of companies would be used, here are a few companies used who offer cat insurance:

    • Animal friends
    • E & L
    • Kwik Fit
    • Legal & General
    • More Th>N
    • Pet Insurance
    • Protect Your Bubble.Com

    However not all insurance companies work with Go Compare, therefore some companies will not be available and you may have to go directly to these insurers to obtain a quotation.  Go Compare claims that if you go directly on any of their panel of insurer’s website, you will get exactly the same details (providing you input the same exact details).


    Get A Quote To Check The Full Panel Of Insurers


    Pros And Cons Of Using A Comparison Site?

    Using a comparison site does have many benefits, but unfortunately there are also some cons.    Below is a list of the pros and cons:


    • Quick and easy to use.
    • Compares quotes from a wide range of insurers, saving you time and money.
    • Gives you options to choose from, so you can decide the best cover for you.
    • You can save the quotes and make a decision at a later date.
    • The results page will show cover details and a list of benefits, where more information can be accessed by simply clicking on “More Details”.
    • Go Compare will explain what each policy term or cover is using layman’s terms.
    • Able to buy the insurance online without having to speak to anyone.


    • The results page will not show all insurers, so you will have to go directly to some insurers to obtain a quote. Unfortunately Go Compare does not have access to all insurers.
    • Before you proceed to get your quotes, you’ll be asked, “As part of our commitment to helping you find the right insurance at the right price, we will authorise our partners with the two best premiums to contact you by phone, SMS or email to help you with your purchase. They may also highlight any special offers that they have to help further reduce the cost of your insurance.” If you answer yes then expect to receive phone calls from insurers.  A lot of people misread this and answer yes as they think it’s asking for their acceptance of the terms and conditions.


    What Policy Is Best For My Cat?

    If you’re unsure what cat insurance policy to go for, then it’s probably ideal to familiarise yourself with the different levels of cover first, so you can decide what cover you require.  There’s no harm in obtaining a quote as you’re not obliged to take out an insurance policy, just make sure you answer to no being contacted if you don’t wish to be contacted by third parties.