• How To Stop Your Cat From Drinking Toilet Water

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    Why does my cat like to drink from the toilet? Household pets have a tendecat toiletncy of tasting and even having some preference to drink from the toilet over the bowl. This habit could derive from two simple factors, such as water temperature and availability of running stream. To us, this has nothing to do with fun but to our cats, well, perhaps their perception comes from a different angle. Your cat’s curiosity might have been awaken with the very first full toilet flush.


    Is Your Cat Drinking Water From Toilet or Tap?

    Running water appeals to your cat more as it is (despite us frowning upon it!) more oxygenated than the often stale one in a water bowl. Toilet water is also colder and it is fresh. On the other hand, the water in a bowl becomes stagnant, naturally would absorb dust particles and some bacteria. Lastly, your feline’s nose is a lot more sensitive than humans’. Some cats may smell and can even taste oddly smelling water mixed with washing up liquid or other detergent.  

    If the scenario above does not sound remote to you and it makes you cringe when you see you kitty down the toilet bowl, maybe you have reached the point where you and your cat need a change. Remember that your cat behaviour problems are not unheard and may take time to implement changes but all your efforts are totally going to pay off.

    One of the biggest concerns is whether cutting off the stream of water to your cat will deprive him of fresh water supply. Despite dubious nature of toilet water, it could be considered relatively safe if there were no detergents. If your cat does not enjoy stale water from the pet bowl, you will need to think outside the box and offer a good replacement.

    Additionally, kidney failure in cats is one of the most frequently searched cat diseases and can be developed also via extensive use of toilet water and detergents. One of the symptoms to look out for is dehydration in cats or kidney infection caused by all sorts of bacteria that can be found down the toilet bowl. This is particularly worrying if you are not aware of your kitty drinking from the toilet bowl.

    Water, mixed with detergents can create a deadly combination for your furry friend. CKD stands for Chronic Kidney Disease which can be identified via sudden weight loss, poor appetite, increased thirst or increased urination. Early diagnosis combined with a good management can prolong pet’s life.

    You may not have noticed yet or simply are not aware of any of such symptoms but if your toilet bowl is kept open and you have no direct control over quality and water amount your cat may be drinking every day, you should be more alert.

    ICatCare details how to diagnose early stages of kidney diseases in cats and how to manage renal problems in cats. It also encourages to detect early signs of dehydration in cats via use of Cat Water Fountains, wet food and flavoured water. Additionally, you may want to look into automatic cat food dispensers that allow to provide food in tailored measurements and dispensed at selected times of the day to prevent food from drying out and becoming stale.

    How To Stop Your Cat From Drinking Toilet Water

    One of the possible solutions is to make sure that all members of your household do not forget to close the lid after every visit to the toilet. You should stay alert once you have noticed your pooch quenching his thirst from the toilet. The very last thing you want to happen is this odd situation to turn into a habit.cat tap wate

    Cats see our toilet as a huge drinking container which reminds them of their bowl. What triggers their interest is the access to the constantly running stream of fresh water. However, water from the loo can potentially be dirty and toilet inside unhygienic.

    This experience can turn hazardous for your beloved pet as the toilet water often contains some residue of cleaning chemicals which could make your cat’s stomach upset or vomit to name a few. 

    Secondly, make sure you rinse your feline’s water bowl thoroughly so it does not contain any washing up liquid’s residue. Do not f orget to rinse your cat’s water bowl frequently and replace water daily so water stays fresh.

    Lastly, why not venture out and try something new? If you want to successfully combat this rather uneasy situation we suggest to provide your feline with a good quality Cat Drinking Fountain. The options are virtually unlimited and your cat will unconditionally fall in love with this new gadgetcats drinking together. Your unruly cat will switch shortly from toilet and tap water into Pet Fountain.

    The great majority of pet fountains is operated via mains a very low voltage and guarantee a 24/7 fresh cold and most importantly filtered running water. You will not have to wash it as frequently as you do now and your cat will stay healthy and rehydrated.  For full information on the specs, benefits and criteria when choosing the best Cat Water Fountain click here.