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    About the company  

    SureFlap was founded in 2008 by Dr Nick Hill and has been appealing to and grasping pet owners’ attention around the world ever since, now reaching well above 500,000 SureFlap owners. The story began with his cat Flipper who suffered from bullying by neighbouring cats which included many unwanted visits to Dr Hill’s household. For the full story click here.

    Average user rating (4.4 / 5)


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    • Internal memory allows you to register and store up to 32 different cat identities (including when batteries have been taken out).
    • Compatible with 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips.
    • DualScan technology allows you to set different exit permissions for each registered cat allowing to leave some outdoors whilst keeping others in.
    • One button programming allows to quickly change entry and exit permissions for each cat.
    • 4 way manual lock.
    • Can be used in conjunction with RFID collar tags for the cats that have not been microchipped (RFID collar tags are sold separately).
    • DualScan Technology allows you to individually set exit permissions on any of the registered pets upon microchip or RFID collar tag identification.
    • Improved protection against unwanted pets such as raccoons attempting to enter through the flap.
    • Manual lock function allows you to set a preferred entry/exit mode type, i.e. Indoor-only mode will allow your feline to enter without letting him to leave the house again. Additionally, this safety mode will work on cats that got in and managed to escape through the window without being left outside.
    • Expected battery life up to 1 year ( 4 x AA) – sold individually.
    • Low battery indicator signalling that batteries are running low. This function is designed for early detection thanks to the flashing red light.
    • Can be enhanced by Mounting Adaptor, Tunnel Extension – sold separately.
    • Easy to install on the doors, glass and walls.
    • 3 year product warranty included.



    DualScan feature- In addition to the existing features of the brand’s standard model, this cat flap provides an enhanced reliability and allows you to set different entry and exit permissions for each individual cat. Compatible with any standard 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips and RFID Collar Tags that can be used simultaneously.

    Safety mode – Indoor only cats can re-gain entry thanks to the new feature that takes into account cats escaping through the open door or window.

    Easy Installation on Walls, Glass or Door – The cat flap can be installed anywhere according to your own preference. What’s more, the product comes with the installation manual and you will also find many manufacturer’s videos online.

    Compatible with Microchips and RFID Collar Tags  – Just like in the case of the standard SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap, both microchipped and non-microchipped cats can enjoy the perks of this microchip cat flap model. Thanks to its internal memory capacity, you can store up to 32 different cat identities.



    Initial cost – This model is the enhanced version of the standard SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap. Its price has been comfortably placed amongst other upmarket Cat Flaps due to its superior functionality and improved reliability, such as one button programming and DualScan technology. If you can stretch your budget, we suggest to opt in for the improved version of the already existing and award winning SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap. Remember to check whether your cat has been microchipped as the cost of microchipping is quite pricy. You can, however, reduce this cost if you choose to combine this cat flap with a RFID Collar Tag that has been specially designed for the non-microchipped cats.


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    • Dimensions (cm): 23 x 18 x 25 cm
    • Weight: 1.1 kg (1.7 kg inc. shipping)
    • 3 year warranty


    Box Contents
    • SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Flap
    • User manual
    • Installation screws



    Investing in a product of such will unquestionably ease you and your cat’s lives. The new model from SureFlap has been enhanced with its remarkable DualScan technology feature.

    The price of the item is considerably more dearer compared to the magnetic cat flaps but is far more superior than any you will find on the market. So far, the standard and new model have been receiving very positive feedback from the consumers and the brand is constantly looking to innovate their range of product line.

    The design of this model is very similar to the previous one. The sturdy material allows you to mount the cat flap anywhere you like, be it a door, wall or glass surface. In addition, the box contains an easy to follow installation manual and numerous videos available online. If your walls are thicker than the depth of the cat flap, you can purchase one or multiple Tunnel Extenders as they fit one in another.

    What’s more, unlike some cat flaps, your cat does not have to be microchipped to fully enjoy the benefits of the cat flap. If the cost of microchipping is a large burden to your personal finances, you may want to pair the flap up with the RFID Collar Tags designed for non-microchipped cats. Even so, we recommend you would rather get your cat microchipped in the future.

    You can stay calm if you ever worried whether your cat will have difficulties trying to use the microchip cat flap. It may take hours to some weeks for feline to discover, explore and finally familiarise himself with the new household item but even large and sluggish old cats eventually see the benefits and become very comfortable with using the flap.

    Both models offer their consumers up to 3 years manufacturer’s warranty. Be sure to purchase 4 x AA batteries which on average should last up to just under one year. Just as in the previous model, you can be sure that this model is known for its reliability. The additional feature of DualScan and Indoor-only features allow you to set different settings for each individual cat. At the touch of one button you can change the current settings without having to reset any of the other settings already in place. What’s more, the Indoor-only feature takes into account all the clever cats notorious for successful escaping through the open window or door but wanting to come back in.

    This model can be paired up with the mounting adaptor for seamless installation and the tunnel extender if the surface on which the cat flap is being mounted is too deep.

    What is worth noting is that the new model has been upgraded with the new design to keep raccoons and other wildlife away from any potential attempt of entering your household.

    If you are still unsure whether the make is good for you, watch the video below which shows a recording of the raccoon unsuccessfully trying to get through the SureFlap cat flap. For any one of you who happen to live in a remote place surrounded by local wildlife and even those living in an area with local residential domesticated pets, this simply operated both manually and automatically device is a blessing to any unwanted outsiders trying to sneak into you household. You and your beloved feline can stay calm and not worry any longer!

    Average user rating (4.4 / 5)


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