• Top 10 Best Cat Beds

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    1) Radiator Cat Bed2) Me & My Super Soft Doughnut Pet Bed3) Rosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed4) Trixie Minou Cushy And Cuddly Cave5) Beeztees Rest Bed Baboo Cat
    Radiator Cat BedOrder nowMe & My Super Soft Doughnut Pet BedOrder nowRosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator BedOrder nowTrixie Minou Cuddly CaveOrder nowBeeztees Rest Bed Baboo CatOrder now
    Average User Rating (4.1 / 5) (4.8 / 5) (4.1 / 5) (4.6 / 5) (4.2 / 5)
    MaterialFabricSuper soft plush inner fabricBamboo/furPolyester/plushPlush
    Colours- White- Beige/light blue- Bamboo- Cream/brown
    - Pink/grey
    - Giraffe print
    - Snow leopard dessin print
    - Dark blue/blue
    - Lilac/violett
    - Grey
    - White
    - Black
    Dimensions (cm)48L x 3.6H x 31.6W47D x 20H48L x 33H x 39.5WSmall - 41L x 35H x 26W

    Large - 50L x 41H x 30W
    48L x 18H x 37W
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    6) Danish Design Cat Cosy Bed7) Me & My Luxury Plush Cat Igloo8) FAB Wicker Sofa For Cats9) Cleo Deluxe Radiator Bed10) RSPCA Luxury Plush Igloo Cat Bed
    Danish Design Cat Cosy BedOrder nowMe & My Luxury Plush Cat IglooOrder nowFAB Wicker Sofa For CatsOrder nowCleo Deluxe Radiator BedOrder nowRSPCA Luxury Plush Igloo Cat BedOrder now
    Average User Rating (4.7 / 5) (4.3 / 5) (4.5 / 5) (4.5 / 5) (4.5 / 5)
    Colours- Beige- Brown/beige- Black/beige- Beige/brown- Silver
    Dimensions (cm)50D x 20H35L x 32H x 33W44L x 22H x 30W65L x 30H x 63W38L x 36H x 36W
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    A Guide To The Best Cat Beds

    Cats like to sleep wherever they please but a nice comfy cat bed will give them less reason to sleep or relax on your furniture.  On average cats sleep between 12-16 hours a day so you can imagine why a comfy place to sleep is important to them.

    Don’t assume though just because you’ve bought a new cat bed, that your cat is going to sleep in it all the time or at all.  Cats also like to change their sleeping spots every so often, so if they all of a sudden decide to stop sleeping on the cat bed you bought one day, don’t take it personally as they might decide to start using it again.


    Best Places To Put The Cat Bed

    Where you place the cat bed is equally as important as the type of cat bed you buy.  You can have the ideal cat bed for your cat but if you put it in the wrong place your cat isn’t going to want to sleep or relax on it.  Below is a list of the best places to put the cat bed:

    Higher up – Cats like to be somewhere higher up where they can see the entire room.  This makes them feel safer and gives them a sense of comfort.  Placing the cat bed on top of furniture can be more enticing for your cat to sleep on it.

    Somewhere quiet – Having somewhere quiet where it’s not busy is a more ideal place to put the cat bed.  Cats prefer to be secluded off so they can sleep with minimal noise.  This could even be places like inside their outdoor cat shelter if you’ve bought him one.

    Favourite relaxing spot – If your cat has a particular spot where he tends to relax or sleep, this might be an ideal place to put the cat bed as he’s familiar with this location.  You might find that your cat’s favourite spot is near where you are, as cats enjoy human company.

    Their own furniture – Not only can it be space saving but it also might be a good solution.  Your cat would hopefully be using the furniture you bought him so he would be using it quite frequently, therefore placing the cat bed either nearby or, on top of it if it’s something stable like a cat climbing tower, can be a good home for it.


    Different Types Of Cat Beds

    Not only do you have to decide where to put the cat bed, but you also have to decide what type to get.  Knowing what type to buy will ensure you will have the best cat bed.  Below is a list of the different types of cat beds, along with the pros and cons of each one:

    Radiator cat bed 
    Radiator Cat Bed

    Excessively overweight cats steer clear!

    This also eliminates having to find a place to put the cat bed, it’s now more of a question of what radiator to put it on.  Radiator cat beds simply hooks over the top of a radiator to enable your cat to sit on top of the cat bed.  It is usually constructed of a metal frame and a cover will go over the metal frame. 


    • The bed will be higher up.
    • It will be cosy and warm (if the radiator is turned on).
    • The cover can easily be removed and washed.


    • May not be sturdy or strong enough to support heavier cats.


    Enclosed cat bed 
    Enclosed Cat Bed

    I know no one’s behind me!

    Cats will feel more natural sleeping inside an enclosed cat bed, cats like being enclosed knowing there’s only one way in and one way out, as they feel more secure and protected. 


    • Being enclosed will make your cat feel more secured.
    • Heat will get trapped inside, making it warmer.


    • May get too warm for your cat in summer.
    • More difficult to clean the inside.



    Open cat bed
    Me & My Super Soft Doughnut Pet Bed

    I feel so free and relaxed!!!

    This can come in many different shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re open and not covered up.  Open cat beds are not as warm as the enclosed ones but it might be a better option in summer. 


    • Easier to clean than enclosed cat beds.
    • A wide range of different styles to choose from.


    • Does not provide much warmth.
    • Cats may not feel as safe as it’s not high up or enclosed.



    Heated Cat Bed

    Unfortunately no heated cat beds made our top 10 table, but if you are looking to buy one then Purrvana Electric Heated Pet Bed is among one of the best heated cat beds.  This is quite expensive for a heated pet bed, so another cheaper alternative could be to place a self-heating pad on their own bed.


    • Keeps your pet warm.
    • Self-heating pet pads do not require any power or batteries to operate.


    • Electric heated cat beds are usually quite expensive.
    • Less options to choose from.