• Top 10 Best Cat Carriers

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    1) AmazonBasics 23-Inch Pet Kennel 2) Trixie Traveller Capri I3) Stefanplast Gulliver Transport Box4) Prestige Wicker Igloo Pet Carrier5) Easipet Fabric Carrier
    AmazonBasics Two-Door Pet KennelOrder nowTrixie Traveller Capri IOrder nowStefanplast Gulliver Transport BoxOrder nowPrestige Wicker Igloo Pet CarrierOrder nowEasipet Fabric CarrierOrder now
    Average User Rating (4.4 / 5) (4.4 / 5) (4.5 / 5) (4.3 / 5) (4.6 / 5)
    Recommended Maximum WeightSuitable for most catsSuitable for most catsSuitable for most catsSuitable for most catsSuitable for most cats
    Opening From The TopYesNoNoNoYes
    Seat Belt Secure Holder NoYesYesNoNo
    Colours- Grey/blue- Light grey/dark grey
    - Violet/lilac
    - Light grey/dark grey- Beige- Red
    Dimensions (cm)Small - 48.3L x 25H x 30W

    Large - 58L x 33H x 38W
    47.4L x 32H x 32W48L x 32H x 31W50L x 40H x 40W49.5L x 35H x 34.6W
    WeightSmall - 1.4kg

    Large - 2.2kg

    PriceCheck Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
    6) Catit Design Cat Cabrio Carrier7) Beeztees Transport Box Rhino8) Curver Pet Carrier9) Pisces Pet Carrier10) Catit Voyageur 400
    Catit Design Cat Cabrio CarrierOrder nowBeeztees Transport Box RhinoOrder nowCurver Pet CarrierOrder nowPisces Pet CarrierOrder nowCatit Voyageur 400Order now
    Average User Rating (4.2 / 5) (3.9 / 5) (4.6 / 5) (4.8 / 5) (4.1 / 5)
    Recommended Maximum Weight11.3kgSuitable for most catsSuitable for most catsSmall - 10kg

    Medium - 15kg
    Suitable for most cats
    Opening From The TopNoNoYesNoNo
    Seat Belt Secure Holder NoNoNoNoNo
    Colours- Grey/orange/white
    - Grey/pink
    - Grey
    - Grey/green
    - Grey/blue
    - Grey/pink
    - White/brown- White/blue
    - Pink/white
    - Grey
    - Brown/white
    Dimensions (cm)54L x 39.8H x 27.2W51L x 33H x 34.5W51L x 38H x 33WSmall - 48.4L x 30.3H x 31.8W

    Medium - 58.4L x 35.2H x 36.8W
    Medium - 56L x 37H x 30W

    Large - 61L x 41H x 37W

    XL - 68L x 47H x 43W
    Weight1.9kg1.2kg1.9kgSmall - 1.4kg

    Medium - 2.14kg
    Medium - 1.4kg

    Large - 2.1kg

    XL - 2.7kg
    PriceCheck Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

    A Guide To The Best Cat Carriers

    If you need to take your cat to the vets, a new home or anywhere else then having the best cat carrier is essential.  A cat carrier may also referred to as a cat crate or cat cage is a box or crate large enough for a cat to fit in, designed to make transporting or travelling with your cat a lot easier and safer. 

    The carrier will have handles to make it easy to carry and there will be plenty of air vents to enable your feline to breathe.  You should never travel loose with your cat as they will be unsecure and can be very distracting, it is much safer for you and for your cat to travel with him secured inside a cat carrier.


    How To Choose The Best Cat Carrier

    If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of different cat carriers, crates, cages & bags to choose from then we’ll try to simplify this process by breaking it down for you.  When deciding upon the best cat carrier for your cat, here are several factors to consider:

    Material – The carriers are usually constructed of either: Plastic, nylon, wicker, steel or a combination of different materials.  Plastic cat carriers is probably the most common, but steel and wicker tends to be stronger but as the base is not completely enclosed, if your cat urinates then you may experience a slight leakage unless it’s padded out properly with newspaper or a blanket.

    Trixie Traveller Capri I

    Ensure the cat carrier is big enough for your cat

    Size – The carrier needs to be big enough for your cat so he has room to move about, check the dimensions of the carrier to ensure it will give your cat enough room so he won’t feel trapped and cramped. 

    Maximum weight capacity – Cat carriers have a maximum recommended weight capacity, although most manufacturers won’t specify the maximum because it will be suitable for most cats.  It’s more of a question of whether the size of the carrier is big enough for your cat not whether the carrier will support the weight of your cat.

    Unless your cat is extremely overweight you don’t really need to be too concerned with whether your cat will be too heavy for the carrier.


    Stefanplast Gulliver Transport Box

    Seat belt slots allows the cat carrier to be more secure when travelling

    Carrier/cage opening – It’s easier to get your cat inside the crate if you put them in from the top rather than from the front.  If you’ve found a cat crate you like but it only opens from the front then you can place the carrier on its end so the front entrance is facing upwards.

    Seat belt holder – Some carriers will have slots located on the top of the carrier, this is for the seat belt to slide through so you can put the carrier on the seat knowing that it’s securely fastened by the cat seat belt.  This may not be relevant to you if you’ll be placing the carrier on the floor or in the boot. 



    Finding An Airline Approved Pet Carrier

    If you plan to take your cat abroad with you then you’ll need an airline approved pet carrier.  If you click on any of the products in the table above, it’ll take you directly to the Amazon listing so you can check to see whether it’s airline approved. 

    We don’t recommend or advise on this because airline policies can frequently change and as there are so many airlines it’s difficult to say which cat carrier is approved for which airline. Before you buy an airline approved cat carrier we strongly recommend you do your own homework first by checking the allowance and restrictions with your desired airline.

    If you’re only away for a short period and rather not take your cat away with you, then an option can be to buy an automatic pet feeder which will automatically provide food for your cat whilst you are away and for an automated water supply a cat water fountain can take care of this.

    How To Get Your Cat Inside The Carrier

    Getting your cat inside the carrier can be more of a difficult task than you think.  Most cats usually fear the cat cage as they associate it with a trip to the vets.  There are several methods you can try that should help make the process less stressful and easier for you and your cat.

    Leave the carrier out – Having the carrier within sight a few days before gives your cat an opportunity to explore it and be familiar with it.  If you lay down a blanket inside the carrier and some treats then your cat may even enjoy sleeping in it.

    Spray inside the carrier – Spraying Feliway inside the carrier will make the cat feel safe in his new environment. Feliway Pheromone Spray When cats rub their head against furniture they leave behind substances called pheromones, these pheromones gives a cat comfort and reassurance.

    Feliway is a synthetic copy of this pheromone which is designed to give off the same effect as what their natural pheromones would.  Allow 15 minutes before introducing your cat to the carrier.

    Prepare for leakages – Place newspaper, a towel or a blanket inside the carrier in case your cat has to urinate during the transport process.  Placing a towel or a blanket that your cat has slept on will make getting the cat inside the carrier easier as it’ll have his scent on it.

    Entrance should be upright – If your cat carrier opens from the front then place it so the front is facing upwards, this will make placing the cat inside a lot easier rather than trying to get him in from the front.  Once he’s in revert the carrier back to its original position.