• Top 5 Best Cat GPS Trackers

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    1) Pod 2 GPS + WiFi Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor2) Pyrus Mini GPS Tracker Locator 3) Tractive GPS Pet Tracker4) Girafus® Pro-Track-Tor Pet Safety Tracker5) Tracca® Dog GPS Dog Tracker
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    Average User Rating (4.1 / 5) (4.8 / 5) (3.4 / 5) (3.7 / 5) (3.4 / 5)
    Real-Time TrackingYesYesYesYesYes
    Battery LifeUp to 5 daysUp to 4 days2-5 daysUp to 30 daysUp to 36 days
    Recharge Time 3 hours2 hours2 hoursUses CR2032 batteries4 hours
    Monthly/Subscription Fee1st year free (£29 per year thereafter)Uses micro sim cardYesNoUses micro sim card
    Compatible WithSmartphone & computerSmartphone & computerSmartphone, iPad & ComputerBase unit (included)Smartphone
    Dimensions (cm)5 x 2.3 x 2.35 x 5 x 0.85.1 x 4.1 x 1.53.8 x 2.5 x 1.17 x 4 x 2
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    A Guide To The Best Cat GPS Trackers

    Don’t let your cat end up on a missing poster, a cat GPS tracker will enable you to track the location of your cat so you can go hunting for your beloved feline if you suspect they’ve gone missing.  This small GPS tracking device simply attaches to the collar which usually goes unnoticed by your pet due to its small size.

    Most GPS cat trackers are monitored using a smartphone which is really convenient as you’re always going to have your phone with you even when you’re out.  You also need not worry about the device not working in the rain as they are waterproof.

    Some GPS for cats also monitor their activity levels so you can ensure they’re staying active, but these are usually more upmarket models.  Only the Pod 2 GPS from our table has activity monitoring and it’s also rated as our best cat GPS tracker.


    How To Choose The Best Cat GPS Tracker

    Small trackers usually go unnoticed by your cat

    As finding the best GPS tracker for cats is largely linked to their safety you’re probably going to want to make sure you have a reliable cat GPS tracker rather than going for just the cheapest option.  Knowing what each feature does and whether it’s required will help you narrow down your options, therefore we’ll go through the list of features below:

    Real-time tracking – Track the location of your cat live, this way you’ll know every time he moves and if he wonders too far from home.  The accuracy of the GPS cat trackers is usually within a few metres.

    Tracking your cat’s movement in real-time allows you to easily track him down if he got lost or was in danger such as near a busy road. 

    Battery life – Manufacturers will usually tell you the maximum the battery can last up to, but this would be when the tracker uses the least power i.e. In standby mode.  The battery life however won’t last nowhere near as long if it’s used in real-time mode.

    Recharge time – How long it can take up to, to fully recharge the battery.  It’s usually charged via USB so can conveniently be charged using a power bank.

    Use your smartphone to track him down

    Monthly/subscription fee – Some trackers will require you to pay a monthly fee for using their services which is another cost factor to take into account.  This covers the cost of using GPS to communicate through mobile phone towers which enables them to show you the whereabouts of your pet.

    Other trackers will require a micro sim card which you’ll have to pay for the cost of the sim card if you don’t already have one.  You’ll need to have credit on the sim card as it’ll use data for real-time tracking.

    Compatible with – Most of the tracking is done on smartphone nowadays, as this is the most practical and convenient method, however some trackers will also allow you to monitor activity on a computer if you prefer.

    Dimensions – A smaller GPS tracking device would be better, it’s better if it’s not as easy to notice as if your cat was to get stolen, thieves would be less likely to notice the tracking device and hopefully end up getting caught.

    Weight – A heavy tracker can irritate your cat as he’ll feel the weight of it around his neck.  A lightweight GPS tracker would be ideal as your cat won’t even notice it.


    Pet GPS Tracker vs Microchipping

    Whilst there are many benefits of microchipping your cat, it doesn’t eliminate the need for a GPS tracker for your cat as both of these devices provide different benefits.  Below we’ll list the pros and cons of each one so you can decide if you need both (recommended):

    Tracker pros:

    • Track the location in real-time of your cat’s whereabouts.
    • Your cat doesn’t have to be found by someone first.
    • Enables the owner to act immediately.


    • Tracker operates on batteries, if the power runs out the tracker won’t work.
    • Works out to be more expensive.

    Microchipping pros:

    • Microchip is inserted under the cat’s skin.
    • Doesn’t require power for it to work.
    • Also used to gain access to a microchip cat flap which improves your home security.


    • Cat has to be found and taken to a vet, local authority or animal welfare organisation so the microchip can be scanned.
    • Will be useless if your cat goes missing and is not found by anyone.