• Top 5 Best Indoor Cat Houses

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    1) Kerbl Diva Metal Frame Cat House2) Woven 2 Floor Indoor Cat Den3) Indoor Wooden Cat House4) Paws Road Cat Home with Cat Tree5) Michur Uncle Tom's Hut
    Kerbl metal frame houseOrder nowWoven 2 Floor Cat denOrder nowIndoor wooden cat houseOrder nowPaws road cat houseOrder nowMichur Uncle Toms HutOrder now
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    Number of Storeys22213
    Open Roof / BalconyYesYesYesNoYes
    Stairs/StepsYes NoYesNoNo
    Dimensions52.2 x 39.2 x 15.2 cm56 x 36 x 42 cm 73 x 55.5 x 65 cm 43 x 33.5 x 93 cm68 x 48 x 75 cm
    Material-Metal frame
    -Washable Plush velvet covers -Detachable cover with velcro
    -Washable Polyester cushions
    -Wood-Compressed wood
    -Faux fur
    -Sisal rope
    -Deluxe Velvet Fabric
    -Woven willow -Light Brown pillow
    Colour-Cream, Red & Black-Brown-Grey & White-Beige
    -Cognac & Light Brown
    Entry TypeOpen door Open door Open door Open door Open door
    Cushions includedYesYesNoNoYes
    Multiple CatsYesYesYesYesYes
    Box contains-Kerbl Diva Metal Frame Cat House
    -Plush cover
    -Woven 2 Floor Indoor Cat Den
    -Two Cushions
    -Indoor Wooden Dog / Cat House
    -Assembly instructions
    -Paws Road Cat Home with Cat Tree
    -Assembly instructions
    -Michur Big Ben Wicker Cat House
    -Three pillows
    PriceCheck Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


    A Guide To The Best Indoor Cat Houses

    Cats like to enjoy their freedom whenever possible. This includes their very significant right to the ‘me-time’ when they simply want to be left alone, doing sweet nothing or playing about. This is whether it be an indoor or outdoor cat house (often referred to as a cat den, lodge, shelter or hut­) comes into play.cat playhouse tepee suck uk

    Whether or not your cat likes to stay outdoors, cat houses indoors is certainly a great alternative to the outdoor cathouse. There are multiple benefits of owning any of the two types. In this section we focus on the benefits of the indoor cat houses. To start with, indoor cat houses tend to be generally cheaper. Secondly, although the construction may not be as sturdy, there are limitless design options. 

    If you want to get your money’s worth and want to get the best of both, the cat house will become an indispensable element of your house décor.
    Sufficient time spent on research should allow you to pick from the selection of models, one that can used both indoors and outdoors. However, you may simply want to have just a permanent indoor one. wooden flower indoor Blitzen

    When deciding upon the best indoor cat house, you should remember about some of the basic factors: type of
    material, durability, difficulty of self-assembly and fitting, number of storeys, easy access and cleaning. Indoor houses tend to be cheaper than the outdoor ones. Is the cat cushion washable and cave pieces foldable? Size matters as you want your feline to enjoy the space and perhaps keep some items such as litter or padded pillow inside. Just as in the case of outdoor cat dens, materials will vary from: Plush, wool, fibre cloth, willow, plastic to treated wood. The size is generally smaller than the outdoor one but it is not a rule. 

    How To Choose The Best Indoor Cat House

    Below you can find some more information on the choosing the best Indoor cat house criteria:

    Number of Storeys – Usually manufacturers do offer 1 storey. There are more advanced models which feature 2 or more. That can include a ladder leading to a balcony or a simple flat surface that your cat can rest on.

    Open Roof / Balcony – Some models come with an open balcony. This creates additional space and allows multiple cats to uscat in house greene the cave simultaneously.

    Material –Wool, plush, fibre, plastic to wood. Depending on your preference, you can choose to buy a washable house or the sturdy and generally larger one made out of wood and metal that can be easily reached for cleaning.

    Self-Assembly – Majority are delivered fully assembled, especially the ones that come in one piece are made out of fabric. However, if you choose a more advance model that requires some basic level of DYI, the self-assembly manual will come with the item. 

    Size – Cat houses for indoor use on average tends to be smaller than ones for outdoor use.  When deciding upon which one to choose, ensure you have enough room inside your house but also that the cat house is big enough for your cat.

    Heating – Some houses will already come with cushions or padding which are used for comfort and warmth but since it can get quite cold in winter, many owners will place a cat warming pad inside the cat house to provide extra warmth.