• Top 5 Best Outdoor Cat Houses 2020

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    1) External Self Heating Cat Kennel2) The Hutch Company Large Outdoor Cat House3) Kerbl Cat House Lodge4) Cat Wooden Hide House5) Delton Pets Large Outdoor Cat Shelter
    External Self Heating Cat KennelOrder nowLarge Outdoor Cat Shelter with SureFlapOrder nowKerbl Cat House LodgeOrder nowCat House Kitten Den OutdoorOrder nowLarge Outdoor Cat ShelterOrder now
    Average User Rating (4.5 / 5) (4.5 / 5) (4.3 / 5) (4.3 / 5) (4.6 / 5)
    Opening RoofYesYesNoNoYes
    Number of Storeys 11211
    Dimensions60 x 70 x 51.5 cm89.5 x 51.5 x 60 cm77 x 50 x 73 cm51 x 44 x 42 cm66 x 45.7 x 38.1 cm
    Balcony typeOpenOpenShadedNoneOpen
    Box contains- External Self Heating Cat Kennel
    - Self Heating Pad
    - Matatabi Catnip Stick
    - Assembly Instructions
    - The Hutch Company Extra Large Outdoor Cat House
    - Assembly Instructions
    - Kerbl Cat House Lodge
    - Assembly Instructions
    - Bunny Business Wooden Hide House
    - Assembly Instructions
    - Delton Pets Large Outdoor Cat Shelter
    - Assembly Instructions
    MaterialWoodWoodTreated woodWoodTreated wood
    Multiple CatsNoYesYesNoYes
    WeatherproofYesYesYes YesYes
    Built in Cat FlapYesYesNoNoYes
    Entrance typePetSafe Staywell Original 2 Way Pet DoorPet Safe Cat FlapSwing door with transparent flapFold Down Ramp2 way Cat flap
    PriceCheck Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


    Indoor vs Outdoor Cat Houses

    What’s considered a cat house, whether an indoor or outdoor one, is a structure which generally consists of a roof and walls and can be placed rather permanently in a fixed location.cat winter snow

    Depending on your feline’s preference, you can fix a cosy hut in your household or invest in a more sturdy construction that can withstand weather conditions. A good outdoor cat kennel will keep his new territory protected and will offer an all year round retreat outdoors. Utilise your garden by turning it into your cat’s kingdom. If you haven’t decided what type of housing will be ideal for your cat, visit our guide to keeping your cat out.

    There are substantial differences between indoor and outdoor cat houses. Whilst indoor cat houses tend to look cosier and can be a great décor element to your home, their construction is not as solid and durable as of the outside ones. 3 entry cat house

    Should you like to bring the outdoor cat lodge indoors for any reasons, you can do it but make sure you clean the outside thoroughly first, however it is not recommended to take the indoor one out permanently. The indoor dens may be used by your cat as his bed or even a place to conceal a litter tray for more privacy.

    All in all, both indoor and outdoor lodges will create an oasis for your feline where they can relax. Your cat will find himself enjoying a natural environment and his new house will require very little maintenance. If the shelter of your choice is equipped with good insulation material, you can even put out bowls with food.


    A Guide To The Best Outdoor Cat Houses

    Outdoor cat shelters provide an alternative to outdoor enclosures for cats. Described also as Cat dens, are a great addition to your garden decoration and are an effective way to keep your animal safe. The wide choice of products on the market allows you to pick from the very basic DIY to sophisticated and large almost resembling a maisonette Cat house.

    The structure can be made out of Styrofoam, plastic or natural wood with a durable finish. Some models will offer one or more levels. Styrofoam can be a short term and cheap solution as the material is lightweight but provides significantly less protection from feral animals, it is not weatherproof and can be easily destroyed through scratching.

    However, if you are looking to get something that endures cold winter season and heavy rain, then the wooden construction will serve a good few years. The houses are generally spacious and leave room for some enhancement, whether it be insulation, risers, ventilation, additional entry/exit, door enlargement or simply a flap change.


    In Need Of A Heated Outdoor Cat House?

    heat padThere are very few cat houses that will be well insulated, but the well insulated cat house with built-in heating will usually come at a high cost. However, a cheaper alternative to keep your cat warm during the winter season would be to put a self-heating pet pad inside which will essentially turn it into a heated outdoor cat house.  Check out other cat heating pads that can be used indoors or outdoors.

    Another alternative could be to use Styrofoam that can be placed inside the outdoor cat kennel. The best cat houses are the ones made out of natural materials, easily accessible and cleanable (back door or opening roof), weatherproof, spacious and the option to make changes to its original design.

    If you want to buy an affordable outdoor cat shelter that would make a perfect outdoor cat house for winter,  you can simply apply one of the methods mentioned above.


    How To Choose The Best Outdoor Cat House

    When choosing the best outdoor cat house for your feline, there are several criteria you should consider.  We broke down some of the outdoor cat hutch features for your convenience:

    Number of Storeys – Usually 1-2. Some more advanced models will offer more storeys. The purpose of fixing an outdoor lodge often lies in your cat’s personality. If you feel that your cat will spend plenty of time outdoors, 2 levels will be more practical. Due to variety of options for your cat, he will use it as a cubby from the rain, snow, extensive sun or simply cold.

    Balcony – Some multi-storey outdoor houses will provide an open balcony, whereas others will be equipped with additional shaded roof. Protected from extensive sun exposure, your feline will love to stay outdoors and indulge in a lie in with a breeze passing through.

    If you are looking for some good models of outdoor cat houses for multiple cats, a perfect alternative would be styles offering a balcony.  Alternatively, we suggest to go for a large outdoor cat house that will naturally provide enough space for another cat to fit in.

    Material –The range can be quite wide, from Styrofoam, through plastic to wood. If you want a guaranteed inside of house opensturdy structure, go for a wooden cat house with a metal finish or plastic elements.

    Weatherproof – It is vital that you check with the manufacturer whether the cat house has got a weatherproof finish and has been made using the finest quality of materials.

    Self-Assembly / Installation & Fitting – Depending on the manufacturer,cat flap blue some can be delivered already assembled and others may require some basic skills and tools for DIY assembly. The self-assembly items come with a user manual that provides step by step guidance.

    Built in Cat flap – Some Outdoor Cat Shelters offer a built in Magnetic or Microchip Cat flaps. These hybrids offer increased safety and will keep out stray cats, dogs or raccoons looking for a shelter.

    Depending on your budget, you can get an outdoor cat house with microchip cat flap fully compatible with 9,10 and 15 digit microchips and are usually 4 AA battery powered. The Delton Pet cat house is one of the very few models offering a high quality cat kennel with microchip flap at a reasonable price bracket.

    Special Features – Insulation, ventilation, balcony, opening roof etc. When selecting the model, take into account the method and frequency of cleaning your feline’s outdoor home, his agility and lifestyle. 


    Best Outdoor Cat House Reviews

    The Hutch Company Self Heating Outdoor Cat Kennel

    • Constructed in the UK from FSC timber.
    • Airtech 1500 temperature regulating technology.
    • Smooth transitioning with a Japanese Matatabi Catnip Stick included.
    • Fitted with PetSafe Cat Flap.
    • Fitted with sizeable one way window.
    • Dimensions (cm): 70W x 51.5D x 60H

    Possible deal breaker

    • Airtech regulating technology may not be as effective as they say.

    A great solid cat house manufactured in the UK. The Airtech technology turns this into an insulated cat house, which supposedly keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Although, you may still need to chuck in a heated cat pad especially for our cold winters!

    Once your cat enters through the cat flap, she will love the fact that she can just stare outside through the privacy window whilst feeling all nice and cosy on the inside.




    The Hutch Company Extra Large Outdoor Cat House

    • Constructed from thick European Pinus Timber.
    • Extra large in size which makes it suitable for 2/3 cats.
    • Fitted with PetSafe Cat Flap and rear ventilation holes.
    • Includes rare Japanese Matatabi Catnip Stick.
    • Delivered fully assembled.
    • Dimensions (cm): 89.5W x 51.5D x 60H

    Possible deal breaker

    • Built-in self-heating pad is quite exposed and can be tampered with.

    In need of a large outdoor cat kennel? Then look no further! This 3 foot long insulated cat kennel can comfortably fit 2/3 cats in, you just need to make sure they don’t fight for the window spot inside! The privacy screen allows your cat to see out but no one else can see in which also acts as a security measure.




    Kerbl Cat House Lodge

    • Unique two-story cat lodge.
    • Swing door entrance with transparent flap measuring 18 x 16cm.
    • Weather proof bitumen roof.
    • Glazed with protective wood paint to protect against weather elements.
    • Dimensions (cm): 77L x 50W x 73H

    Possible deal breaker

    • The size of this cat house is quite small so can only fit small to medium size cats.

    Treat your cats by surprising them with this two-story cat lodge which can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its smaller dimensions. Now your felines won’t be fighting for space as one can stay inside while the other lays on the balcony.

    Overall, the Kerbl Cat House is not a bad option, however, it is quite overpriced! If it was an indoor pet house you were after, you should also consider our best indoor cat houses.




    Bunny Business Cat/Puppy/Rabbit/Guinea Pig House

    • Flat packed and easy to assemble.
    • Lockable door flap which also acts as a ramp when open.
    • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
    • The top can be lifted up for easy cleaning.
    • Dimensions (cm): 51L x 44W x 42H

    Possible deal breaker

    • Quite light and flimsy.

    A great cheap outdoor pet house that can be used for small animals such as cats, puppies, rabbits or guinea pigs. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use as it’s small enough to fit indoors and winter and weatherproofed to be used outdoors.

    Although it might not be as well constructed as the top models, you can’t go wrong with how affordable this is. Furthermore, users have praised how well it can endure weather conditions if it’s well maintained.




    Delton Pets Outdoor Cat Shelter

    • Constructed from 12mm Redwood.
    • Opening roof for easy access to clean or to place the bed inside.
    • Built-in 2 way cat flap.
    • Arrives already assembled.
    • Dimensions (cm): 66L x 45.7D x 38.1H

    Possible deal breaker

    • Quite small so only able to fit small to medium sized cats.

    Small and sturdy outdoor cat house perfect for outdoor use since the materials used offers weather protection. However, by only paying a fraction more you can get a bigger heated cat house which is our number one product on the list.