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    Keep track of your pet wherever they are, the Tractive GPS pet tracker aims to do exactly that.  Although this Tractive GPS Pet Trackertracking device is more commonly used for pets it can also be used for other things such as cars, bags, suitcases etc.

    This tracking device can simply attach to the collar of your pet which you can then track in real time the location of your pet.  You can track your pet by either downloading the free tractive app on your smartphone or over the internet. 

    Average user rating (3.5 / 5)


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    • Lightweight and waterproof.
    • Able to track pets such as: Dogs, cats, horses and other animals.
    • Track on your smartphone via free tractive app or internet connection.
    • You can see where your pet was a few minutes ago and also track your pet in live mode 24/7.

      Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

      Securely clips onto a collar

    • Safe zone feature allows you to be alerted if your pet leaves a particular area.
    • Tracking device has an integrated light which helps find missing pets in the dark and increases their visibility.
    • Several apps available to download including apps for just fun to keep you entertained.
    • Compatible in over 80 countries worldwide including the whole of Europe, U.S.A, Canada, Russia, Australia and China.
    • Activate the Tractive GPS device by logging in online, no hidden fees.
    • Minimum recommended weight above 4.5kg.
    • Battery life 2-5 days, depending on network coverage and usage.
    • Battery fully recharges in 2 hours.
    • Monthly fee £4.49 applies if you use the device with your smartphone. Tracking over the internet is free!


    Tractive Worldwide Map

    Countries Tractive GPS is available in




    Track pets or even objects – The tractive GPS tracker not only allows you to track different types of pets but you can even track objects such as cars, bags or suitcases. 

    24/7 tracking – You can track your pet from your smartphone or with an internet connection at all times.  Not only can you track in real time but you can also check to see where your pet was a few minutes ago.

    Safe zone – This feature allows you to set a virtual fence for your pet, if your pet leaves or returns back to the zone then you will be alerted.  For example you can be alerted if your dog leaves your back garden to enter your neighbours back garden.

    Peace of mind – If you ever feared for the worst when letting your cat outdoors then being able to track where your cat is will give you more confidence and a peace of mind knowing where he is.  Letting your cat outdoors does have many benefits so by having him on your radar at all times means you can relax.



    Tracking may not work everywhere – If you have poor mobile network coverage then you may not be able to connect to the tracking device and track where your pet is.  If you are connected via Wi-Fi with a strong connection then this won’t be an issue but of course if you’re out looking for your pet then you’ll have to rely on your mobile internet.

    Monthly fee – There are two subscription options which unfortunately you’ll have to choose one if you decide to use your smartphone to track your pet.  The options given are basic and premium, the basic starts at £4.49 a month.  There is no long term contract in place and the service can be cancelled or restarted at anytime.

    If however you only use internet connection via your PC or laptop then you can avoid paying the monthly fee.


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    • Dimensions (cm): 5.1 x 4.1 x 1.5
    • Weight: 35g
    • 12 months warranty


    Box Contents:
    • Tractive GPS pet tracker.
    • 2 collar clips (1 x Size A & 1 x Size B).
    • AC adapter.
    • USB cable with charging clamp.
    • User manual.



    Most people would probably use the Tractive GPS pet tracker for tracking pets rather than cars, bags etc as suggested by the manufacturer, so we’ll assume and hope you’re interested in this product for your pet. 

    Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Equipping your pet with a GPS tracker allows you to track where your pet is in real time, something that microchipping your pet does not allow you to do.  If you live in an area where you receive weak network coverage from your mobile network provider then your phone is less likely to be compatible with the GPS pet tracker.

    One of the things users should be aware of is that if you plan on using this device with your smartphone then you have to pay a monthly subscription fee, you can choose from either the basic or premium option, however there is no contract in place and you can cancel the subscription at anytime.  You’ll need to take into account the monthly cost as well as the cost of the item itself when considering buying this.

    If you prefer to or if you want to avoid paying the monthly cost then you can simply use the internet through your PC or laptop and still track your pet. 

    Overall although the Tractive GPS pet tracker can be quite costly if you use it with your smartphone but you can’t put a value on your beloved pet and no amount of money can replace a household pet who is part of the family.   

    Average user rating (3.5 / 5)


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